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Q: Who was the first Pacific Islander to captain a New Zealand team?
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Why did caption cook come settle in new zealand?

Captain Cook did not settle in New Zealand. He made three voyages to the Pacific and visited New Zealand on four separate occasions. He led the first British expedition to discover New Zealand and the first to set foot on new Zealand. Abel Tasman was the first European to sight New Zealand but did not land there. Captain James Cook was the first to circumnavigate and map New Zealand.

Who was the first governor of New Zealand?

Captain William Hobson was the first Governor of New Zealand, 1840 - 1842.

An explorer who visited the pacific islands?

Captain James was the first person to visit the pacific islands

Who mapped the New Zealand coast?

Lieutenant James Cook (later Captain) was the first to circumnavigate and chart the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

Captain cook first sighted new zealand on 7th october17?

The year was 1776.

First person to find Hawaii?

That was Captain James Cook on his second voyage to the Pacific Ocean.

Who was the first Australian netball captain?

The first Australian netball captain is Becky Douglas. Her captaincy started in 1938. Her first international game was against New Zealand of that same year.

When was the first beer brewed in new zealand and for what reason?

The first Beer was brewed in New Zealand on the first arrival of Captain Cook, he used the Tea Tree for this. The reason......well they had run out of beer!

Why is Mercury Bay historically important?

because that is where captain cook first set foot in New Zealand

Was Captain James Cook a captain or a lieutenant?

When James Cook initially explored and charted Australia's eastern coast, he was still a Lieutenant. He was promoted to captain following his successful charting New Zealand and Australia's east coast.

Was James Cook the first on New Zealand?

Captain James Cook was the first known European to actually land on New Zealand, although the islands had been discovered by Abel Tasman in 1642.

Who were the first people in Australia and what were they called?

Australia's first residents were the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.