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Gil Hodges hit the first home run in the first game the Mets ever played. They lost to the St. Louis Cardinals

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Q: Who was the first New York Mets player to hit a home run at Shea Stadium?
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Who built Shea Stadium?

Shea Stadium was built by the New York Mets

What stadium do the Mets play in?


Who got first base hit at shea stadium?

The first player to get a hit at Shea Stadium was Pirate Smoky Burgess, who singled to second base and would score on Don Hoak's double right after him. The first Mets hit at Shea was a single from Sherman Jones, the pitcher

Did a mets player hit three home runs in a game at Shea Stadium?

Dave kingman

What is the name of the Mets home field?

Shea Stadium

Who was the First ny met pitcher to win at shea stadium?

The first pitcher to win at Shea Stadium was Cardinals Larry Jackson on April 11, 1962 (beat the Mets 11-4) The first Mets pitcher to win at Shea Stadium was Jay Hook on April 23, 1962 against the Pirates (they won 9-1)

Who pitched the first pitch ever at Shea stadium?

The man whom the stadium was named after, William J. Shea. The first pitch in a regular season game at Shea was April 17, 1964 and thrown by Mets' righthander Jack Fisher.

How do you contact a Mets player?

You can write to them at: Shea Stadium 123-01 Roosevelt Avenue Flushing, NY 11368

Who was the first batter ever at Shea stadium?

The first batter in Shea was Bill Virdon on the Pirates. He groundout to short. The first Mets batter was Richie Ashburn who groundout to second.

What mets player recorded the first win at shea stadium?

Al Jackson pitched a 6 hit shutout, 2 walks and 6 strikeouts against Pirates on April 19th, 1964 at Shea Stadium. Met's won 6-0.

When was Shea Stadium first built?

Shea Stadium was first opened in 1964 after the building work on it had begun in 1961. It was the home of the New York Mets baseball team until they moved to Citi Field in 2009.

When and where did baseball player Edwin Almonte play?

Edwin Almonte debuted on July 7, 2003, playing for the New York Mets at Shea Stadium; he played his final game on September 10, 2003, playing for the New York Mets at Shea Stadium.

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