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Mikki Bailey

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Mikki Baile

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Q: Who was the first Michigan state womens basketball coach?
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Who was the first official head coach of the Michigan State basketball team?

Charles Bemies

When was the first Women's NCAA basketball tournament?

the first womens basketball tournament was in 1905

Who was the coach when Michigan won its first Rose Bowl?

Michigan won the first Rose Bowl ever played, in 1902, by the score of 49-0 over Stanford. Michigan's head coach was Fielding Yost.

Who was the first coach of the first basketball game in 1891?

james Naismith?

Who is Natalie nakase?

Coach of the Saitama Broncos, a professional basketball team in Japan. She is the first female to coach a professional men's basketball team.

What basketball coach did Larry Bird have in High School?

While basketball player was in High School is first coach was Jim Jones. Later Jones left to coach elsewhere.

Who was the first national team coach for USA wrestling's womens program?

Terry Steiner

Who was the first Kansas University basketball coach?

James Naismith!

What was Kentucky basketball coach rupp first name?


Who was the first basketball coach?

James Naismith The creator the game

When was MSU Basketball founded?

Michigan State University Basketball was founded in 1899. The first coach to lead the team was Charles O Bemies. There have been many successes for the MSU team - including winning the National Championship in 1979 and 2000.

What was legenday basketball coach red auerbach's first name?