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I believe it was Matio Andretti

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Q: Who was the first Indy 500 champion to drive in a Formula One race?
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Who was the first Indy 500 champion to race in F-1?

The first Indy 500 winner that drove in a Formula One race (other than the Indy 500 which was considered an F-1 race between 1950-1960) was Rodger Ward of the United States, the 1959 and 1962 Indy 500 winner, who drove in the 1959 United States Grand Prix. The first winner that drove full time in Formula One was Jim Clark of Scotland, the 1965 Indy 500 champion.

Who was the first woman to drive in the Indy 500?

Janet Guthrie in 1977

Did Jeff Gordon drive Indy cars?

No. While he did test a Formula 1 car on one occasion, Jeff Gordon has never ran an "Indy" style series.

Was Luna Vachon ever Women's Champion?

For WWF/E, no, but for some Indy promotions she has before. I think she retired as a women's champion in some Indy division..

Which British driver held the Indy car title and the Formula 1 world championship title?

Nigel Mansell. He is the only driver in history to hold both the Formula One and Indy car titles at the same time. At the time he won the 1993 Indy car title, he was still 1992 F1 Champion as the 1993 F1 Championship was still in progress.

Is Indy car and Formula One the same thing?

I believe they are similar.

Who won the 2006 Indy car series?

Sam Hornish Jr. of Penske Racing was the series champion for 2006.

Who was the first person to win the Indy 500?

The first Indy 500 race was back in 1911. It was won by Ray Harroun

How long has Indy car racing been around?

The first Indy 500 was run in 1911.

What is faster Indy 500 car or a Formula 1 car?

Indy cars have a higher top speed then a Formula 1 car. However over a lap a Formulla 1 car is qucker. The main reason fr this is that an Indy car is so much heavier than a Formula 1 car. Therefore an F1 car can brake, accelerate and corner quicker than an Indy car and therefore a quicker llap time.

What year did Lance Armstrong drive the Indy 500 pace car?


Who was the first woman to win an Indy car race in Japan?

Danica Patrick was the first woman to win an Indy car race in Japan.

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