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It was arsenal in their 2006 champions run (Last 16)

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Q: Who was the first England football team to win away against real Madrid?
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What was the first English football team to win away against Real Madrid?


Who was the first goalkeeper to captain the England Football team?

Englands first 'goalkeeper' soccer captain, was alexander morten who captained england against scotland in 1873

Where was football first thought of?

Football was first invented in England.

What country is the motherland of football?

England is where football originated, they had the first league and made the first rules for the game. England is the motherland of football.

When is Ronaldo's first amtch with real Madrid?

Ronaldo first La liga match for Real Madrid was against Deporto Lacoronia.

First football team that Fernando Torres played for?

Atletico Madrid (Youth and Senior)

Who is the founder of real Madrid?

Real Madrid's origins go back to when football was first introduced to Madrid by the academics and students of the Institución Libre de Enseñanza, which included several Oxbridge graduates who founded Football Club Sky in 1897, which became known as Real Madrid in 1902.

Who was the first country to play football?


Which country first played football?


What are the two football teams in Madrid called?

The two most famous teams from Madrid are Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid. There are other temas form Madrid that had played or play in the spanish first division as Rayo Vallecano, Leganés and Getafe.

Where was football first played in England?

In the streets. Football as we know it today developed from street football.

When was the first match in history between real Madrid and Barcelona?

The time when Football was brought to life :)

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