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Q: Who was the first Captain for the Calgary Hitman?
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Where Does Bret Hitman Hart live?

Calgary, Alberta Canada

When did Craig Conroy captain the Calgary Flames?

Craig Conroy was captain of the Calgary Flames from 2002-2003.

What is the first hitman game called?

The first Hitman game is called "Hitman: Codename 47".

Who were the first and second captains in the history of the Calgary Flames?

Brad Marsh was the first captain of the Calgary Flames from 1980-november 1981. the second captain was Phil Russell from November 11th 1981-1982 season and also 1982-1983 season.

Who is the captain of the Calgary Flames?

Jarome Iginla(Iggy) he was the captain for a long time

Which hitman game came out first?

hitman codename 47 came out first its for the PC

Who was the 2nd Captain in Calgary Flames History?

Phil Russell

Who is going to be the Calgary Flames next captain?

it is mike cammalleri

Was jarome iginla assistant captain of the Calgary Flames before becoming captain?

No he became captain right away after inpressing his coaches

Why is Jarome Iginla famous?

He's team captain for the Calgary Flames.

What is the population of First Calgary Petroleums?

First Calgary Petroleums's population is 2,008.

What is First Calgary Petroleums's population?

The population of First Calgary Petroleums is 64.

What is First Calgary Financial's population?

The population of First Calgary Financial is 490.

When was First Calgary Financial created?

First Calgary Financial was created in 1987.

Does Bret Hitman Hart live in Calgory or Hawaii and in which town as I have heard different stories?

Bret winters in Hawaii and lives in Calgary

When was First Calgary Savings established?

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, First Calgary Savings & Credit Union Ltd. was founded in 1987 and currently trades as "First Calgary Financial." However, First Calgary Financial's website claims it was founded in 1938.

What are all the hitman games names in the world?

These are all the Hitman games released. They are: Hitman: Codename 47 Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Hitman: Contracts Hitman: Blood Money Hitman Trilogy Hitman: Absolution Hitman GO Hitman: Sniper Hitman (2016) Hitman 2 Hitman HD Enhanced Collection Hitman 3

When did the Calgary Flames win their first Stanley Cup?

The Calgary Flames won their first Stanley Cup in 1989.

Why is Calgary located where it is?

Calgary is located where it is because of the climate there and the type of first nations there (i got this from my textbook)

What was the name of the Calgary Flames captain that had number 27?

Todd Simpson (but we try not to think about that too much).

Which is better hitman silent assasin or hitman contracts?

hitman contracts

How many Hitman games are there so far?

4 hitman games are out so far they are: hitman codename 47 hitman 2 silent assasin hitman contracts hitman blood money

Are there any hitman games for Xbox 360?

Yes. There are some Hitman games on the Xbox 360. They are: Hitman: Blood Money Hitman: Absolution Hitman Trilogy

Who invented the Calgary stampede?

The first promoter who organized the rodeo which grew into the Calgary Stampede was Guy Weadick.

Was captain James cook captain of the first fleet if not what was he?

Captain Cook was not the captain of the First Fleet. Captain Arthur Phillip was the captain of the First Fleet. Captain Cook was the one who first claimed the eastern coast of the Australian continent for Great Britain.