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Q: Who was the first Australian to win Wimbledon?
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Who was the first Aboriginal woman to win a Wimbledon Tennis Tournament?

Evonne Goolagong is the first Aboriginal (Indigenous Australian) woman player who won the Wimbledon singles title in 1971 and 1980.

Who is the most recent Australian to win the Men's Singles at Wimbledon?

Lleyton Hewitt.

Who was the most recent Australian men's singles player to win Wimbledon?


How many grandslams did djokovic win?

2 Australian Opens 1 Wimbledon

Who was the first unseeded Tennis player to win Wimbledon?

Boris Becker was first to win the Wimbledon as unseeded player in 1985.

Who was the first American male to win Wimbledon?

The first American male to win the Wimbledon singles title was Bill Tilden in 1920.

Who was the first man to win at Wimbledon?

Rod Laver won the first open era Wimbledon.

Who was the first African male to win the Wimbledon?

The first African American male to win the Wimbledon was Arthur Ashe. Megan Gollehon wrote this answer.

Who was the first African-American to win a singles title at Wimbledon?

Althea Gibson was the first black American to win Wimbledon, on July 6, 1957.

True or false Rafael Nadal was the first spanish to win the singles at Wimbledon?

False. Manuel Santana was the first Spaniard to win Wimbledon in 1966.

Who was the first African American to become the Wimbledon gentlemen's singles champions?

Arthur Ashe is an African American and the first and only black man ever to win the singles title at Wimbledon. He is also the only black man to win the singles title at the US Open and the Australian Open.

Who was the first and last british man to win the Wimbledon title and in what year?

The first British man to win Wimbledon was Spencer Gore in 1877. The last British man to win Wimbledon was Fred Perry in 1934, 1936 & 1937.

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