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Running back Wilbur Jackson, in 1970, was the first African American football recruit of the University of Alabama.

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Q: Who was the first African American football player at the University of Alabama?
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What is the oldest African American college in the state of Alabama?

the oldest African American college in Alabama is Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama. It was started by Booker T. Washington and had inventor George Washington Carver as a professor. Alabama has more African American colleges than any other state.

What is the name of University of Alabama's football team?

The University of Alabama's football team is called the Crimson Tide.

Where can you find 1989 Alabama football recruitment?

In college Football, University of Alabama

What is the best football school in Alabama?

University of Alabama.

What year did the university of Alabama start playing football?

The University of Alabama's first season of interscholastic football was 1892.

How many national championships has University of Alabama had in football?

The University of Alabama has eight national championships.

How many division 1A football teams are in Alabama?

4 Divisin 1 teams: University of Alabama, Auburn University, University of Alabama- Birminingham, Troy University

Who was the first African American football player at the University of Georgia?

Ken Dious was the first black (African American) football player in the 1967 Spring University of Georgia football program. Dious at UGA joined in 1967 Nate Northington and Greg Page at the University of Kentucky and five black football players at the Univ. of Alabama to begin the Southeastern Confernce use of black athletes. At the SEC UA the 1967 walk ons were Dock Rone, Arthur Dunning, Melvin Leverett, Andrew Pernell, and Jerome Tucker.

Has the university of Alabama ever beat the university of Texas playing football?

No. I believe that the University of Texas and The University of Alabama have played seven football games. UT has won six and tied one.

Who has the most football national championships?

The University of Alabama

Who has Alabama not played in football?

Boise State University.

Who is auburn's biggest rival in football?

Alabama University

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