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Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in a MLB game.

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Q: Who was the first African American Major League Baseball player to play for the Brooklyn dodgers in 1947?
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What was the first National league team to hire an African American?

Brooklyn Dodgers Jack Roosevelt "Jackie" Robinson was a baseball player for the Brooklyn Dodgers. He was the first African-American major league baseball player of the modern era in 1947.

The first African American to play Major League Baseball?

Jackie Robinson for the brooklyn dodgers.

Who was the first African American to play in a major league baseball team?

Jackie Robinson- Brooklyn Dodgers.

The first African American major league baseball player played for what team?

Jackie Robinson - Brooklyn Dodgers

African American baseball pitchers to win World Series game?

1st African American to win a world series game is joe black of the Brooklyn dodgers. The game was on 10-01-1952 and it was the Brooklyn dodgers vs New York yankess.

Who was the first African American to play any major league sport?

Jackie Robinson. He played baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers

What was Jackie Robinsons contribution to history?

the first african american in baseball history to play in MLB he played for Brooklyn Dodgers

Who was the first African American to pitch in the major league?

In 1947, Dan Bankhead became the first African American pitcher in Major League Baseball under the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Who was the second African American in the baseball hall of fame?

That would be Roy Campanella of the Negro Leagues and the Brooklyn Dodgers who was elected in 1968.

Who was the First African American pitcher to win 20 games in Major League Baseball?

Don Newcombe of the Brooklyn Dodgers with 20 wins in 1951.

Who are the famous Brooklyn Dodgers?

The famous Brooklyn Dodgers were a baseball team.

How did Jackie Robinson change history?

Jackie Robinson was the first African American baseball player in the major leagues. He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers starting in 1947.

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