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Gigi Lentini 13m first 10m+ player

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Q: Who was the first 10 million pounds footballer?
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Who was the first 10 million footballer?

Ali Ashfaq

Who was the first 10 million pound transfer in world football?

who was the first 3million footballer in English league

How much did it cost to build the first car?

about 10 million pounds

How much is 10 crore in pounds?

10 crore is 100 million, so 100 million pounds.

How do you write 10 million pounds in figures?

Ten million pounds = £10,000,000

Who is the most expensive player on fifa 10?

The most expensive footballer for the year2010 is Christiano Ronaldo , who now plays for Real madrid. He was sold for 80 million pounds.

How much did J.K Rowling earn from the first Harry Potter book in pounds?

10 million

Top 10 world richest footballers?

Todays list out on 7/10/2010 are as follows.1) David Beckham 100. Million Pounds 2) Michael Owen 40 million pounds, 3)Rio Ferdinand 34 Million pounds, 4) Sol Campbell31 Million pounds, Ryan Giggs 27 Million pounds, 6) Wayne Rooney25 Million pounds, 7) Steven Gerrard 22 Million pounds., Frank Lampard 22 Million pounds, John Terry 19 Million pounds, and Patrick Vieira 18 Million pounds.

How mutch is a lamboguini?

10 million pounds / 12 million $ / 20 million rupees

How much is 10 crore rupes in pounds?

10 crore (100 million) rupees (INR) is 1.35 million pounds (GBP), as of 9 August 2011.

What is 1 percent of a billion British Pounds Sterling?

10 million Pounds

What is 20 per cent of 50million pounds?

10 million pounds (10,000,000)

What is 10 million pounds equal to in Indian rupees?

well, first of all.. 1 million=10 lakh rupees. so, 10 million would be equal to 1 multiply 1 crore with the current rate of the currency. umm ..if we take Rs 80=1 pound. then 10 million pounds ..will be..around 80 crores.

How much does it cost to buy a mcdonalds?

10 million pounds

What could you buy for 10 million pounds?

what wouldn't you buy

What would be todays equivalent value of 60000 UK pounds in 1300?

the retail prices index only records back to 1750, but then 60 000 pounds would be worth in the region of 10 million today, so would in my estimation considerably more than 10 million pounds, maybe as high as 20 million pounds.

How many dollars equals 10 million pounds?

About 15.768 Milion

When was Francesco Mancini - footballer - born?

Francesco Mancini - footballer - was born on 1968-10-10.

When was Vladimir Malakhov - footballer - born?

Vladimir Malakhov - footballer - was born on 1955-10-10.

When was Alan Devlin - footballer - born?

Alan Devlin - footballer - was born on 1953-10-10.

When was Oliver Brown - footballer - born?

Oliver Brown - footballer - was born on 1908-10-10.

When was Tony Adams - footballer - born?

Tony Adams - footballer - was born on 1966-10-10.

When was Michael Klein - footballer - born?

Michael Klein - footballer - was born on 1959-10-10.

When was Neil MacFarlane - footballer - born?

Neil MacFarlane - footballer - was born on 1977-10-10.

When was Fernando Santos - Portuguese footballer - born?

Fernando Santos - Portuguese footballer - was born on 1954-10-10.