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Rick Pitino hired the first female to coach UK Men's Basketball.

Bernadette Peters

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Q: Who was the female assistant coach on the 1992 Kentucky men's basketball team?
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Who was the coach of the University of Kentucky basketball team in 2003?

Orlando "Tubby" Smith was coach of the Kentucky men's basketball team from 1997-2007.

Who was the 1998 Kentucky basketball coach?

Tubby Smith

Who was the first female NCAA basketball coach?

No woman has ever been a head coach of an NCAA men's basketball team, but Bernadette Mattox was the first female bench coach when she served as an assistant to Rick Pitino's Kentucky Wildcats from 1990 through 1994. Kerri-Ann McTiernan's head coaching stint at Brooklyn Kingsborough Community College makes her the only female to be the head coach of a men's college basketball team at any level. Teresa Lawrence Phillips actually coached the Tennessee State men's basketball team for one game when the regular coach had been suspended back in February of 2003.

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The Syracuse basketball coach and the penn state assistant football coach.

Who was the coach of the 2008 Memphis basketball team?

John Calapari the now coach of kentucky

How tall is John Calipari?

He is the basketball coach of the Kentucky Wildcats.

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When did Kentucky Basketball basketball start?

1903 with W. W. H. Mustaine as the coach.

Is Terry Fox's basketball coach a female or male?

his coach is male

Who will the University of Kentucky get to coach their mens basketball program?

They have hired Coach John Calipari from UMass.

Who is the basketball coach of the sacred heart university girls basketball team?

Coaches Ed Swanson - Head Coach Lauren Hall-Gregory - Assistant Coach Shannon Bush - Assistant Coach Lauren DeFalco - Assistant Coach

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