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Q: Who was the fattest wide receivers in the nfl?
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What is the monthly income for NFL receivers?

It depends on the receiver. All players in the NFL, including wide receivers, are paid differently.

What is the average age of wide receivers in the NFL?


Who are the top 3 best wide receivers in the NFL?

The # 1 best wide out in NFL is Sydney Rice. the # 2 best wide out in the NFL is Chad Ochocinco. the # 3 best wide out in the NFL is Brandon Marshall

What former Michigan wide receivers played in the nfl?

Tim tebow

How many white wide receivers in nfl?

Anywhere from 0 to 5

How many wide receivers are required to be on an NFL roster?

There must be a minimum of four receivers, but most teams get five because of the dime formation, which has five receivers.

When did wide receivers stop lining up in a three point stance?

The three point stance is a common stance in the NFL. However, the wide receivers stopped using this stance in 1984.

Who is the best wide receiver in NFL?

Best Wide Receiver in the NFL updated.Wide Receivers that are considered to be the top echelon in the NFL today are: Brandon MarshallDeSean JacksonLarry FitzgeraldReggie WayneAndre JohnsonRandy Moss

How much do wide receivers weigh in the NFL?

they weigh about 180-220 pounds they cant run if they are fat

What wide receivers from South Carolina went on to play for the nfl?

There have been 15 wide receivers from South Carolina who played in the NFL. They are:James AdkissonRobert BrooksRay BrownDamiere ByrdPharoh CooperZola DavisBruce EllingtonBilly GambrellTori GurleyAlex HawkinsIra HillaryAlshon JefferyKenny McKinleyZion McKinneyEddie Miller

What is the average NFL wide receiver height and weight?

the average weight of an NFL receiver is 194

Who is the fattest player in the NFL?

the fridge