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Dennis Law

"And I was there ! He scored in front of the Stretford end (Home fans end) and dropped to his knees and wept as soon as he scored it, he knew he'd put his still much loved United down,he said later "it was so natural to put the ball in the net at either end at Old Trafford, I'd been doing it for years........" . No words exist to explain the atmosphere that afternoon.

One good thing that came from it, United learnt to play football again the next season, if memory serves me well they didn't lose a match all season, they were promoted again , and I think that taught them a lesson, they weren't untouchable or unbeatable, they went from the Glory days of the Busby Babes to Div 2 and back again. Now look at them, back where they belong, BUT, look which team once again put a spanner in the works for them this year? Bloody City again !!!!! Posted 19/4/11 a few days after City beat MUFC in the FA Cup semis ;-( "

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Q: Who was the ex Manchester United player who scored the goal for Manchester City that relegated United to the 2nd division?
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Which player has played for both Manchester clubs and is a legend in the blue half of Manchester?

Denis Law. He scored the goal for Manchester City in a 1-0 win against Manchester United. Thinking his goal in the last game of the season had relegated United he did not celebrate it. But later found out United would have been relegated whatever the result.

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no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AnswerYes many times most famously in 1974 when Manchester City won 0-1 with a goal for Manchester City from former Manchester United player Denis Law. The result made sure results elsewhere could not prevent Manchester United from being relegated to the old second division. Manchester City last beat Manchester United 2-1 in the League Cup (also known as the Carling cup) Semi-final first leg at the City of Manchester Stadium, Manchester on 19th January 2010. Goals: Man City Tevez (2) pen 42, 65. Man Utd Giggs 17. Manchester United won the semi-final second leg 3-1 at the Old Trafford Stadium on 27th January 2010. Goals: Man Utd Scholes 52, Carrick 71, Rooney 90. Man City Tevez 76. Manchester United progressed to the final 4-3 on aggregate.

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Denis Law? Denis Law?

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