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Don Shula and jimmy Johnson.

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Q: Who was the dolphins coach when Dan Marino was there?
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How long was Dan Marino with the Miami Dolphins?

Dan Marino was with the Miami Dolphins from 1983 through 1999 (17 seasons).

What position does Dan Marino play?

Dan Marino played quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.

How many years did Dan Marino play for the Dolphins?

Dan Marino played 17 seasons for the Dolphins (1983-1999).

What team was Dan Marino on?

The Dolphins

Do dolphins have knees?

noThis is a riddle I heard long ago. The answer is "Yes, just ask Dan Marino."Dan Marino was the quarterback of the Miami Dolphins at the time.

Who was the football player kidnapped in the movie ace venture?

Dan Marino was the football player kidnapped in Ace Ventura Pet Detective. He was on the Miami Dolphins

Who was the best Miami Dolphins player?

Dan Marino

What number was Dan Marino in NFL?

Dan Marino was a first round choice of the Dolphins in 1983.

Who is the best player Miami Dolphins history?

Dan Marino.

How many total rushing yards does Dan Marino have?

Dan Marino is credited with 87 rushing yards and 9 rushing TDs during his career.

Did Dan Marino play quarterback for the New York Jets?

No, he did not. Dan Marino played his entire career for the Miami Dolphins (1983-1999).

What pro athlete starred in ace ventura?

Dan Marino (Dolphins)