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The Cowboys' first quarterback was Eddie LeBaron.

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Q: Who was the cowboy first quarterback?
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Who was the first Dallas cowboy quarterback?

The 1st ever dallas cowboys quarterback was Eddie LeBaron #14 in hte year of 1960

Was there a cowboy quarterback with the first name of Loren?

Yes, QB Loren Snyder was a replacement player in 1987.

Who was the Dallas Cowboy quarterback in 1996?

Troy Aikman

Who was the dallas cowboy quarterback in 1978?

Roger Staubach.

Who was the greatest Dallas cowboy quarterback?

roger staubach

What is the longest run by a Dallas Cowboy quarterback?

99 yards

Who was the quarterback fr the cowboy's before bledsoe?

Vinny Testaverde.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Cowboy Quarterback - 1939?

The Cowboy Quarterback - 1939 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Approved (PCA #5405) USA:TV-G (TV rating)

What dallas cowboy quarterback has the best passing record?

brett farve

Who is Dallas Cowboy quarterback who attended US naval academy?

Roger Staubach

Who was the cowboy's quarterback in 1979?

Roger Staubach was the starter and Danny White was the backup.

Who was the dallas cowboy quarterback Sunday dec 19 2010?

Jon Kitna

Who was number 11 during the 1977 cowboy season?

Quarterback-punter Danny White.

What cowboy quarterback has thrown for most touchdown passes in a single season?

Danny White

Who was the first quarterback of the redskins?

In 1937 the first year in Washington there quarterback was Sammy Baugh!

Who was the first quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts?

Mike Pagel was the first quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts.

Who was the first quarterback for the New England Patriots?

The Patriots first quarterback was Butch Songin.

Which football star here is the Dallas Cowboy's Hall of Fame quarterback?

Roger Staubach

Which cowboy quarterback won the most rings?

Assuming you are refering to Super Bowl Rings, the answer is Troy Aikman.

Who was the Dallas Cowboy quarterback in 1985?

Danny White was the starter and Gary Hogeboom and Steve Pelluer were the backups.

Who was the first black quarterback for the Buccaneers?

Parnell Dickinson was not only the Buccaneers first quarterback, but their first black quarterback as well. He played during their inaugural 1976 year.

Who was first black quarterback to get drafted?

the first African American quarterback drafted was Fritz Pollard

Who is referred to as the first outstanding professional quarterback?

Bart Starr who was the quarterback of the first two superbowls.

Who was the first quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Steve Spurrier was the Buccaneers first starting quarterback.

Which dallas cowboy quarterback has the most rings?

Troy Aikman with three (Super Bowls XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX).