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Q: Who was the coach of Chelsea football club when they reached champion league final in 1998?
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How many times did Arsenal football club win the champion league?

Arsenal like Chelsea have played a final but not won a champion league as yet.

Which football club won the last champion league?


Why did Torres go to Chelsea?

Money, and a better chance of Champion's League football next season

Which football club has taken the highest no of champion league trophy?

It is Manchester United with three champion league cups , Arsenal and Chelsea are yet to win a cup.

How many times did Chelsea win the European champions league titles?

Chelsea have failed to win the Champion League title upto this year, even though they have failed they have reached the final many times.

Has Chelsea won the uefa before?

No Chelsea have never won the champion league in their history.

How many league title has Chelsea?

Champion Legue is not evading Chelsea anymore.

Is Chelsea primer league champion?

Yes they are the champions.

How many times have chesale won the champion league?

Chelsea are still waiting for their first champion league trophy.

Who were Football League Champions in 1955?

Chelsea were the Football League Champions in 1955.

How many champion league title does Chelsea has?

1 - from this year!

What a football team that's in the Champion's League in the UK?

Lots of teams from the UK have participated in the Champions League, including Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City and others.