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Kemp played for the Bills between 1962-1967 and 1969. Lou Saban was head coach of the Bills between 1962-1965, Joe Collier in 1966 and 1967, and John Rauch in 1969.

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Q: Who was the coach for Bills when Jack Kemp was Quarterback?
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When did jack kemp play for the Buffalo Bills?

Before he switched to the political arena, Jack Kemp was a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills from 1962 to 1969.

Who are some ex pro athletes who served in the US House of Reps?

Jack Kemp, ex Buffalo Bills Quarterback

What was the starting backfield for the 1969 Buffalo Bills?

That was O.J. Simpson and Wayne Patrick with Bill Enyart as the third back. Jack Kemp was the quarterback.

What was the jersey number of Bills Quarterback Gale Gilbert?

Gale Gilbert wore Jersey Number 15, the same number as Jack Kemp.

The starting backfield for the 1969 Buffalo Bills?

The starting backfield for the 1969 Buffalo Bills: Quarterback - Jack Kemp Half Back/Running Back - OJ Simpson Full Back - Wayne Patrick

What vice presidential candidate was an NHL quarterback?

Jack Kemp was the running mate of Bob Dole in 1996 and was a former NHL quarterback.

What NFL head coach was former HUD secretary Jack Kemp's college roommate?


What politician led the AFL in passing yards in the 1960s?

That was Jack Kemp with 21,130 passing yards with the Chargers and Bills.

Who was the republican Vice presidential candidate in 1992?

This depends on the organization/country. See related questions: The Vice-President of the United States was Al Gore from January 20, 1993 to January 20, 2001, including all of 1996.

When was Jack Kemp born?

Jack Kemp was born on July 13, 1935.

What is Jack Kemp's birthday?

Jack Kemp was born on July 13, 1935.

Who was the chargers quarterback in 1960?

Jack Kemp started 12 games and Bob Clatterbuck started 2 games at QB for the 1960 Chargers. Kemp was the starter in the 1960 AFL Championship game, a 24-16 loss to the Houston Oilers.