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Q: Who was the captain of England in Bodyline series?
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What was the bodyline series and why was it so unpopular?

Basically, in the Bodyline series the English bowlers bowled short bowls at the Australian batsmen. As a result the Australians could only hit the ball in certain areas; behind square on the leg side. England put all their fielders there so they took the wickets quickly. However it was against the spirit of cricket.

Captain England ashes 2005?

The captain of England's victorious 1985 Ashes tour was David Gower. Gower averaged 81.33 in the series.

Man of the series ashes 2009?

Andrew Strauss (England) and Michael Clarke (Australia)

When did Bodyline - miniseries - end?

Bodyline - miniseries - ended in -1984-08.

What is the duration of Bodyline miniseries?

The duration of Bodyline - miniseries - is 3000.0 seconds.

What sport was the term bodyline associated with?

With what sport was the term bodyline associated

When did Mike Gatting as captain of England win an Ashes Cricket series in Australia?


When was Bodyline - miniseries - created?

Bodyline - miniseries - was created on 1984-07-16.

Who captained England for the Centenary Cricket Test Series in 1977?

The Captain of England for the test was James Lillywhite jnr. See related links for the scorecard from cricinfo.

Who was the first indian captain?

ck naidu was first indian captain. lead the side in 1932 against england. faced loss in the same series.

Which country introduced the bodyline bowling in Cricket?

Bodyline bowling was used by the England to negate Australian batsmen. It led to both political outrage and a change in the laws to prevent an umbrella field on the leg side waiting for the enforced error by the batsman trying to protect himself.

Has a wicket keeper been a captain of a test series side?

Yes, the Indians are captained by Dhoni and I think England beat Pakistan in Pakistan and their captain was the keeper, Moin Khan