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It was the Syracuse Crunch. Before that it was the Hamilton Canucks.

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Q: Who was the canuck's farm team before the Manitoba Moose?
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When did the Manitoba Moose become the Canucks farm team?


What name is the Vancouver canucks farm team?

The AHL affiliate of the Canucks is the Manitoba Moose, and the ECHL affiliate is the Victoria Salmon Kings.

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When did Vancouver become the Canucks?

These two organizations are not related. The Vancouver Millionaires existed from 1911 to 1926, competing in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association and Western Canada Hockey League. The team was called the Vancouver Maroons from 1922 to 1926. The Vancouver Canucks were formed in 1945 and played in two minor leagues until 1970: Pacific Coast Hockey League and Western Hockey League. The Canucks joined the NHL in the 1970 expansion.

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