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They were Champions in different eras. Comparing them would be like comparing a caveman from Stone Age and a knight from the Dark Age. They were both the greatest boxers in their time, so both fighters are great. Comparing them, however, makes no sense at all. Back in Johnson's era, so many things were different in boxing. Here is a list of some examples of what was different back than in 1910:

1. Different ring rules(after knocking someone out, you could stand over him and after he got up you could knock him immediately out the second time)

2. Different know-how about boxing(back than there were only a few boxing techniques, many fights were just like some bar brawls, with fighters hitting constantly on each other, without defense, footwork or ducking)

3. Different training(back than some fights went over 40 rounds, so the boxers did much more stamina training than in Alis time where there were 15 rounds)

4. Different weight classes(Back than it was also legal that middleweight boxers fought heavyweights, because there wasn't a common legal weight class classification. That's why middleweight Stanley Ketchel could fight Jack Johnson)

5. Other boxing gloves(back than they used much smaller boxing gloves)

6. Different techniques in the ring(back then they used many techniques from bareknuckle boxing, which are useless for a sport but usefull in a real fight-for example deadly techniques)

7. Different eating(back than the boxers didn't chose a special diet before a fight)


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Q: Who was the better fighter Ali or jack Johnson?
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