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the best Rugby team in the 1970s was hull Kingston rovers

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Q: Who was the best rugby team in the year 1970?
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When was Bristol Rugby Club founded?

The Bristol Rugby Club was founded in the year 1888 in the city of Bristol, England in the United Kingdom. The Bristol rugby team was ranked fifth best in the year 2012.

Does the Guinness rugby club have a women's rugby team?

Yes it does. The Saracens are the champions this year for the 4th year running

How much are rugby shirts?

Rugby shirts will vary due to the team make and year of the shirt.

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What year did the Irish women's rugby team win the Grand Slam?

The Irish Women's Rugby team won the Grand Slam in 2013.

Why isn't rarotonga playing in the rugby world cup this year?

because they didn't enter or qualify. Or they don't have a rugby team

How large is the Gloucester rugby team?

Gloucester Rugby team (also known as Gloucester Rugby Union) is a team within the United Kingdom. The standard Rugby team has about 15 players. Gloucester Rugby team also has 15 players. However, during the 2013 year, several trades have already taken place and the trades may offset the standard number of players until trades are complete.

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Who were the the players of the marshall football team in year 1970?

Click on the '1970 Marshall Roster' link on this page to see a picture of the 1970 team and see the roster.

How much money if you are the best rugby player?

The top rugby players earn around 500k per year

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What is the name of the British rugby team that will tour Australia next year?

The British and Irish Lions.

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