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The Ball of the Century, which occurred on the second day of the first Test of the 1993 Ashes series, was bowled by Shane Warne to Mike Gatting.

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Q: Who was the batsman who got out on what is now regarded as the 'Ball of the Century'?
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If every batsman in an innings got out first ball what should be the no of batsman shown not out?


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win by 1 wicket???

How many minutes has a batter got to get out his batting crease in cricket?

A batter (or batsman) is not timed, as far as I know, in test cricket. It may be different in some of the other versions. If the batsman hits the ball without it being caught or running to score a run he will not be the batsman at the end of the over (six balls). His colleague will be the batsman for an over and then it will be his turn again.

Which English Batsman got double century on his debut test match?

Tip Foster scored 287 at Sydney in 1903-04 against australia

Two batsmans each on 94 7 runs required to win in 3 balls both make unbeaten 100 how?

1st Ball : First Batsman Hit a Dil-Scoop to a Wicket Keepers Helmet on the Field. then get 5 runs for it. 2nd Ball : First Bats Man get a 1 run then he reaches 100. 3rd Ball : 2nd Batsman Hit a six Both Scored 100 and match win ==================================================== 1st BALL : ONE BATSMAN HIT A FOUR. 2nd Ball : same batsman make a shot and take three runs but onje run is short and it will be counted as 2 runs. 3rd Ball : the other batsman hit a SIX and won the match. Both are at unbeaten 100. Also the case is the overs might be reduced to 48.2 overs or 48.1 overs something then both batsman can hit a SIX Ball1:Batsman1(94) hit six , completes his 100 and retired hurt because of injury. Two balls and One run to win. Ball2:New Batsman(0) tries to take single and run out. Batsman2(94) at the striker end and non striker end got replaced by the retired hurt batsman. One ball and One run to win. Ball3:Batsman2(94) hit six and completes his 100. Both unbeaten at 100 and Match Won. Note: It's mentioned that in case the ball hits the keeper's helmet the ball maybe called a dead ball. Not sure on this one but even if it is called a dead ball still this answer holds true.

Which England batsman got his double hundred on debut test match?

tip foster

Who was the victim of Shane Warne's ball of the century?

Mike Gatting. As was said at the time, if it was a ham roll, it'd never have got past him.

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The Indian cricketers to score the most 200s is Sachin tendulkar.

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technically the best ever test cricket batsman was don bradman the prson with the most ever test centurys was jack hobbs. Brian Lara got the highest individual score at 400 not out

Why is pointing finger used in cricket for getting out?

It is just a way of pointing the striking batsman who is standing in the crease has been got out.

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