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Highest World Series Batting Average

Barry Bonds hit .471 in his only World Series appearance, with 8 hits (including 4 homers and 2 doubles) in 17 at bats. He also walked 13 times.

Among players with

There is no universally accepted minimum number of games or at bats for this distinction. Baseball Almanac only recognized players with a minimum of 50 At Bats, and therefore recognizes Pepper Martin (who played for the Cards in the 1928, 1931, and 1934 World Series) and Paul Molitor (1982 Brewers, 1993 Blue Jays). They each went 23 for 55 for a .418 average.

Baseball Digest required a minimum of 20 games, and therefore recognized Lou Brock, who hit .391 (87 at-bats, 34 hits) for the Cardinals in 1964, 1967 and 1968.

The highest batting average in a series is held by Billy Hatcher, who hit .750 in the Reds' sweep of the A's in 1990. The record in series of 5 games or more .500, and is shared by many players.

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Q: Who was the baseball player with the highest World Series Batting average?
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How can a baseball player have the highest percentage batting average the first and second half of a season yet still not have the highest for the total season?

because the world series

What player holds the record for the highest batting average in the World Series?

Rogers Horsnby

Who has the highest World Series batting average with minimum of 50 at bats?

Lou brock

Who has highest batting average for 2009 World Series?

The highest average for batters who appeared in all six games of the Series was posted by Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, who hit .407 (11 hits in 27 at bats).

Who has the Highest batting average in world series history minimum 100 at bats?

Lou Gehrig had a .361 average with 119 at bats in world series games.

Which Players have had 100 at bats in world series history?

Lou gehrig 361 This is the answer to another question: Which player, with 100 or more at bats, has the highest World Series batting average?

What was the batting average for the last World Series?

The New York Yankees had a team batting average of .247 in the 2009 World Series and the Philadelphia Phillies had a team batting average of .227

Who had the highest batting average for the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1985 world series?

LF Tito Landrum at .360 (9 hits in 25 at bats).

Lawrence Peter Yogi Berra World Series batting average?

Yogi Berra has a World Series Career batting average of .274

Why should Derek Jeter be in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

He is 5 time World Series MVP, he has more hits than any Yankee, and is on the top 20. He has one of the highest batting average for a Yankee. He is Captain Clutch and Mr. November, and there is a lot of other factors.

What rookie has the highest batting average in a world series?

Ricky Ledee of the New York Yankees in the 1998 World Series at .600. He went 6 for 10 with 3 doubles, 2 walks, 4 RBIs, and a sacrifice fly.

What was the New York Yankees team batting average in the 1978 World Series?

As a team the New York Yankees had a 306 average team batting average.