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In 1994 the backup for the Rangers was Glenn Healey, who went on the have a successful broadcasting career in Canada and now works for the NHLPA.

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Q: Who was the back-up goalie for the 1994 Stanley Cup Winning New York Rangers?
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Who was the backup goalie for Martin Biron on February 2 2013?

On February 2, 2013, Rangers goaltender, Henrik Lundqvist, was Martin Biron's backup.

What is the value of Patrick Roy goalie stick signed by Montreal Canadiens team after winning 1993 Stanley Cup?

the answer is 123,956$$$$$$$$$ alot am i right

Who is the goalie for the New York Rangers?

Currently, the Rangers number one goalie is Henrik Lundqvist.

Who is the best backup goalie ever?

Jack Flannery

Who is the best goalie for the rangers?

Henrik loundqevst

What is the name of the NJ Devils hockey goalie?

The #1 goalie on the team is Martin Brodeur. The backup goalie's name is Kevin Weekes.

How do you switch your goalie to backup goalie on NHL 2008 during a game?

you go to change line on the pause menu then put your goalie in

Who is the youngest goalie to win the Stanley cup?

Patrick Roy won the Stanley Cup at the age of 20 as a goalie for the Montreal Canadiens in 1986.

What nhl goalie has the most Stanley cups?

Jacques Plante - 437 Wins Games: 837, GA: 2.38, SO: 82Teams: Canadiens, Rangers, Blues, Leafs, BruinsCareer: 1952 to 1973 (Stanley Cups: 6)Plante was the first to use a face mask as a part of his every day goalie equipment.

What happens if a backup goalie is injured as well the starter?

Then you bring in another player. There have been instances in which forwards and coaches have taken over at goaltender.The most famous example is New York Rangers General Manager Lester Patrick, who came in for his injured goaltender in a Stanley Cup final game (and won!)

Who is the backup goalie of the Detroit red wings?

Ty Conklin

What goalie has not won a Stanley cup?

martin brodour

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