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Q: Who was the West Indies cricketer who scored 101 against England in Manchester in 1984?
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Which West Indies cricketer also played for England?

MS Dhoni

Who was the West Indies test cricketer who scored 143 against England in 1984 at Birmingham?

Clifford Roach scored the first century for West Indies in Test Cricket. He scored this century against England in the 1st Test of 1929-1930 series. He also became the first to score double century for West Indies in the third Test of the same series.

Who is Chris gayle?

he is a west indies cricketer

Zimbabwean cricketer scored a hundred on Test debut against West Indies and made his international T20 debut against Bangladesh in 2006.?

Hamilton Masakadza

When did west indies win its first test series against England?

The West Indies won its 1st test match against in England in 1950.. But it was quite odd as the team was lead by an Englishman!!

When did England last win the test against the West Indies?

In 2012.

Who won the first world cup cricket match and against whom?

west indies against england

Which Indian cricketer was born in West Indies?

robin singh

When did England cricket team win last test against the West Indies?

In 2012.

Who made the first triple century in Test cricket?

English cricketer Andy Sandham was the first Test cricketer to score a triple century, making an innings of 325 against the West Indies at Kingston in the 1929-30 season.

Who is the cricketer of the year of 2008 by ICC?

Shivnarine Chanderpaul of West Indies.

Who was the ICC Cricketer of the year for 2008?

Shivnarine Chanderpaul of West Indies.