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Tony Franklin

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โˆ™ 2010-12-03 03:04:21
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Q: Who was the Shoeless Kicker for The Eagles Football Team?
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Who is the kicker on the team and something about him?

david akers. A pro bowl kicker from the eagles

Are the Philadelphia Eagles your favorite football team?

Yes I like Philadelphia Eagles football team. The Philadelphia Eagles are a professional American football team. I like their logo and way they play are simply excellent.

What is a field goal in NFL football?

This is when the team with possession of the football lines up on the line of scrimage and a kicker from that team tries to kick the football between the two goal posts. If the kicker makes it, it is worth 3 points.

What NFL football team did kicker tom dempsey play for?


What are the pennysylvania's NFL football team?

Pennsylvania's sole professional football team is the Philadelphia Eagles.

What is Taylor Swift's favorite football team?

Taylor Swift has said that her favorite football team is the Philadelphia Eagles.

What Are Sea Eagles?

they are eagles at sea and they are also a football team in to nrl they are the best :)

When did the eagles football team start?

The Philadelphia Eagles team was founded in 1933 and joined the NFL the same year.

What football team are known as the eagles?

Philadelphia of the National Football League

What teams start with the letter E?

The Eagles (Philadelphia Eagles) are in team in the National Football League. The Edmonton Eskimos is a football team in the Canadian Football League.

What football team do you like?

I like the Eagles.

Which team is the best in football?

The Philadelphia Eagles

Where is the phillidalpia eagles football team from?


Is there girls football league?

Sadly, not. But there is this one little girl that i saw on tv, and she is a kicker for her school football team.

What football team does roc royal like?

He Likes The Philadelphia Eagles Team. He Also Sort Of Likes The Raiders But Mainly The Eagles.

Most Favorite football team in the 1930s?


Who is the best football of 2010?

The Eagles are the best team.

What was Southern Mississippi's football team name when Brett Favre attended it?

The name of USM's football team is the "Golden Eagles."

What is the nickname of Nigerian football team?

The Nigerian national football team is also known as the Super Eagles.

How do you become the starting kicker on your football team?

Kick better than anyone else on the team, or anyone who also tries out.

What football team name starts with an E?

Philadelphia Eagles

What NFL Football team that starts with the letter E?


What is Taylor swift's fav nfl football team?

The Eagles.

What is Taylor swift fav football team?

Eagles and Titans

Football team beginning with the letter e?

The Philadelphia Eagles