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Josef Stalin was the Russian leader in World War 2.

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Q: Who was the Russian leader in WW II?
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American navel leader ww II?

Nimitz .

Who was the Russian time leader in WW2?

Russia's bloodthirsty leader during WW 2 was Josef V. Stalin. In Russian, if you are interested, Josef is pronounced "yosef".

Who was the British leader during WW II?

Winston Churchill

Who was the Russian leader of 1941-1945?

The Russian leader from 1941 to 1945 was Joseph Stalin. Stalin had to deal with World War II and its aftermath.

Who was leader of the government at the start of world war 2?

At the start of WW II, the President of the US was Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Was the WW II was the war that ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris?

No, it was not WW II.

Who was the German leader during world world 2?

The leader (or Fuhrer, as he was known in German) of Germany during WW II was the very famous and very evil Adolf Hitler.

Who was the leader of Russia in 1914?

Tsar Nicholas II Romanov was the Russian leader in 1914, however many socialist workers choose Vladimir Lenin as their leader

How many survivors of ww II today?

how many survivors of ww II are now living?

What Russian leader was overthrown during the 1917 Russian Revolution?

Tsar Nicholas II was the first leader overthrown as a result of the February Revolution in Russia in 1917. Alexander Kerensky, head of the Russian Provisional Government was the second leader overthrown as a result of the October Revolution in 1917.

Why did WW II happen?

WW II was largely the result of lingering resentment by Germany about the outcome of WW I. You could describe it in sports terminology as a rematch.

What was the treaty of world war you?

There is no world war you. Your choices are WW I and WW II. The treaty which ended WW I was the Treaty of Versailles. WW II did not have a treaty as such, atlhough the Yalta Conference did produce an agreement.

This Russian leader was overthrown in the Revolution of 1917?

Nicholas Romanov, aka Czar Nicholas II

Who was the Russian leader who abdicated in 1917?

Tsar Nicholas II abdicated the Russian throne in in March, 1917, when the February Revolution toppled the Tsarist regime.

Who was the Russian leader during 1906?

Tsar Nicholas Romanov II was the Russian ruler in 1906 and continued as such until he abdicated the throne in March 1917.

Who was the new Russian leader during World War 1?

The Russian leader at the start of the war was Tsar Nicholas II. The Tsar was overthrown by the Bolsheviks in the 1917 Revolution, whose leader, Lenin, took Russia out of the war after the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany.

Who was the last royal leader of Russia?

Tsar Nicholas II, who was overthrown in the Russian revolution in October 1917.

Who was The Russian leader who mobilized the army against Germany to start world war 1?

Nicholas II

What happened to the remains of Gebhard Leberecht von Blรผcher?

The location of his body remains unknown since WW II when his grave in Poland was opened and his body exhumed by Russian Troops.

What was the non aggresion treaty?

The nonaggression pact was the the agreement between Hitler the leader of Germany and Joseph Stalin, the leader of Soviet Union at the begging of WW II that they would not attack each other and to divide Poland equally between the two. later on during the war Hitler Invaded the Soviet Union and violated the treaty which then caused the soviet union to join the allies for the rest of WW II.

Who was the American leader during ww ii?

The US president in WW2 was Franklin Delano Roosevelt until his death in April 1945 then he was succeeded by Harry Truman.

What was the difference between the first and World War 2?

The most important different between WW I and WW II is there is a lot modern weapons and atomic bombs are used in WW II.

Who was the leader over Soviet Union durning World War II?

Joseph Stalin ="Man of Steel" in Russian

Did anything positive come from World War 2?

One of the most positive outcomes of the WW II were the elimination of radical regimes from Europe. Post WW II most of the nations in Europe progressed, sans the eastern European countries which fell under Soviet Influence and could not benefit from the economic revival. Demise of imperialism was also another positive outcome of WW II. However, the immediate onset of cold war after WW II hurt the gains of WW II.

What the best tank in ww?

Russian T34