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De'Mond Parker

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Q: Who was the Packer running back that fanned his feet after a touchdown about 10 years ago?
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Billy Johnson was to touchdown celebrations what Babe Ruth was to the home run -- he may not have been the first, but he is the most memorable. Elmo Wright of the Kansas City Chiefs is credited as the first NFL player to celebrate in the end zone. On Nov. 18, 1973, after catching a touchdown pass thrown by Len Dawson in a 38-14 win over the Houston Oilers, Wright ran in place at a frantic pace, pumping his knees and his arms, stopping long enough to slam the ball to the ground. Eight years before that, Homer Jones, a wide receiver for the New York Giants, delivered the league's first spike. The first player to spike the football after a touchdown was Homer Jones in a game in 1965.