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I am from Roethlisbergers hometown so this is easy, Josh Betts.

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Jay Fiedler was the Dolphins starting QB in 2000 following Marino's retirement after the 1999 season.

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Q: Who was the Miami quarterback after Marino retired?
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How many total rushing yards does Dan Marino have?

Dan Marino is credited with 87 rushing yards and 9 rushing TDs during his career.

Who wore number 87 for Miami Dolphins?

Hall of Famer Dan Marino wore the 13 jersey for the Miami Dolphins. Marino can arguable be the best quarterback to play the game without a Super Bowl victory.

What position does Dan Marino play?

Dan Marino played quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.

How long has Dan Marino been a quarterback?

17 years with the Miami Dolphins

What quarterback can throw the fastest?

Dan Marino - Miami Dolphins

Did Dan Marino play quarterback for the New York Jets?

No, he did not. Dan Marino played his entire career for the Miami Dolphins (1983-1999).

What numbers have been retired by the Miami Dolphins?

: These numbers have been retired by the Miami Dolphins : : 12 -- Bob Griese : 13 -- Dan Marino : 39 -- Larry Csonka

What quarterback took over for dan marino in 1993?

Scott Mitchell took over in the 1993 season as starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, but in the next season and until 2000, Dan Marino was first choice.

Do dolphins have knees?

noThis is a riddle I heard long ago. The answer is "Yes, just ask Dan Marino."Dan Marino was the quarterback of the Miami Dolphins at the time.

How many numbers have the Miami Dolphins retired?

12 - Bob Griese 13 - Dan Marino Larry Csonka's #39 was also retired.

Who won the NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award in 1994?

1994 Dan Marino Miami Dolphins Quarterback

What number is the jersey of Dan Marino?

Former Miami Dolphins quarterback and Hall of Famer Dan Marino wore the number 13 during his 16 year career in the National Football League. Marino also wore that number in this collegiate career at the University of Pittsburgh.