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Bart Starr from the Green Bay Packers won both superbowl 1 and 2. He was named the MVP of both games....your welcome.

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Quarterback Bart Starr was awarded MVP for both Super Bowl I and II.

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Q: Who was the MVP for Super Bowl 1 and 2?
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Who was the most valuable player of super bowl 1 and 2?

The MVP of both Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II was Bart Starr (QB)

Who quarterbacked the Packers in their first Super Bowl?

Bart Starr was named MVP of Super Bowls 1 and 2.

What position is named mvp in most Super Bowls?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, odds are a quarterback will be named MVP of the Super Bowl. 22 MVPs were quarterbacks 7 MVPs were running backs 6 MVPs were wide receivers 3 MVPs were defensive linemen 2 MVPs were safeties 2 MVPs were linebackers 1 MVP was a cornerback 1 MVP was a kick returner Though there have been 43 Super Bowls, there have been 44 Super Bowl MVPs. This is because there was a tie in the voting for MVP in Super Bowl XII, therefore, two players were awarded the MVP. Both players were defensive linemen.

Who are the Super Bowl MVP's from Alabama?

Bart Starr superbowl 1 & 2 and Joe Namath superbowl 3

What college has produced three Super Bowl MVPs?

Dayton (Noll & Gruden), San Jose State (Walsh & Vermeil), Arkansas (Johnson & Switzer), Eastern Illinois (Shanahan & Payton), Miami-Ohio (Ewbank & Harbaugh), and Pacific (Flores & Carroll).

How many MVP trophies did Terry Bradshaw win?

1978 NFL MVP 2× Super Bowl MVP (XIII, XIV)

What is the good things Kurt Warner did?

4 time pro bowl selection 2 time nfl mvp 2 time first team all-pro super bowl mvp (XXXIV) super bowl champion (XXXIV)

How many MVP did Joe Montana win?

AP MVP award: 2 times. Super bowl MVP award: 3 times.

Who are the quarterbacks to win the Super Bowl twice but not the Super Bowl mvp?

Through Super Bowl XLIII: 1) Bob Griese, Miami Dolphins - won Super Bowls VII and VIII - MVP of SB VII was Jake Scott and VIII was Larry Csonka. 2) Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers - won Super Bowls XL and XLIII - MVP of SB XL was Hines Ward and XLIII was Santonio Holmes.

What year was Joe Montana voted the Super Bowl's most valuable player?

Joe Montana was voted Super Bowl MVP three times: 1) Super Bowl XVI - January 24, 1982 2) Super Bowl XIX - January 20, 1985 3) Super Bowl XXIV - January 28, 1990

How many times has the Regular season NFL MVP also won the Super Bowl in the same year?

There have been 11 Associated Press MVPs that have been on a Super Bowl winning team the same season: 1) 1966 MVP Bart Starr was the starting QB for the Green Bay Packers that won Super Bowl I. 2) 1968 MVP Joe Namath of the American Football League was the starting QB for the New York Jets in Super Bowl III. 3) 1978 MVP Terry Bradshaw was the starting QB for the Pittsburgh Steelers that won Super Bowl XIII. 4) 1982 MVP Mark Moseley was the kicker for the Washington Redskins that won Super Bowl XVII. 5) 1986 MVP Lawrence Taylor was a starting LB for the New York Giants that won Super Bowl XXI. 6) 1989 MVP Joe Montana was the starting QB for the San Francisco 49ers that won Super Bowl XXIV. 7) 1993 MVP Emmitt Smith was the starting RB for the Dallas Cowboys that won Super Bowl XXVIII. 8) 1994 MVP Steve Young was the starting QB for the San Francisco 49ers that won Super Bowl XXIX. 9) 1996 MVP Brett Favre was the starting QB for the Green Bay Packers that won Super Bowl XXXI. 10) 1998 MVP Terrell Davis was the starting RB for the Denver Broncos that won Super Bowl XXXIII. 11) 1999 MVP Kurt Warner was the starting QB for the St. Louis Rams that won Super Bowl XXXIV.

Who are the only 2 Super Bowl's MVP not able to do a Disney commercial right after the game?

Jets and Giants