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sachin tendulkar

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Q: Who was the Indian player who never represented India in any international game but still got selected for a World Cup?
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How do you get selected for Indian soccer team?

You have to be a great player.

Which Goan player was selected for the Indian team in the 2010 Commonwealth Games?

talasha prabhu

Which player of table tennis from Gujarat was selected for the Indian team for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi?

Pathik Mehta

Who was the first Indian test player to be come an international umpire?

S. Venkat Raghavan

Which Indian player is given out through third umpire in international cricket?

Sachin tendulkar is the very first player to be given out through third umpire in international cricket.

What is the sports personality for Ashok Amritraj?

Ashok Amritraj is a professional tennis player who has also represented India on an international level.

Name the first Indian player to play International Soccer with boots?

sachin tendulkar snr.

Which Indian cricket player coaching the international cricket team?

robin singh is our fielding coach

Which Indian is the highest goal scorer in international field hockey?

Dhyan Chand is the famous Indian hockey player. He is widely regarded as the greatest player of all time. He is also called the magician of hockey.

Which Indian player has got maximum runs in International cricket?

Of course it is the god of cricket Sachin ramesh tendulkar ..,..........

Which Indian player has the record for wickets in international cricket?

Anil Kumble.619 wickets for 18360 runs at an average of 29.66

Who is India's first captain in one day internationals?

Ajit Wadekar is a former Indian international cricket player. He was the first Indian one day international team captain. He captained Indian team in its first ODI match in a tour of England in 1974. He played only two ODi matches in that tour and retired from cricket subsequently.

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