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Joe Avezzano, who served as Special Teams Coach from 1990 to 2002.

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Q: Who was the Dallas Cowboys special teams coach in 1995?
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Who was the special teams coach for the Dallas Cowboys 1975?

Joe Avezzano?

Who was the special teams coach of the Dallas Cowboys in 1992?

Joe Avezzano.

Who was the special teams coach for the Dallas Cowboys in 1997?

The late Joe Avezzano (1943-2012) was the Dallas Cowboys' special teams coach from 1990 to 2002. He also coached the team's tight ends in 2001.

Who was the last Dallas Cowboys special team coach?

Bruce Read is the special teams coach for the 2007 season. Last season's special teams coach was Bruce DeHaven.

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Wade Phillips, currently the coach of the Dallas Cowboys, has lead 4 teams to the NFL playoffs in his 31-year coaching career.

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Jimmy Johnson (born July 16, 1943 in Port Arthur, Texas) is a former American footballer and coach of NFL teams the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins.He was the head coach of the Super Bowl XXVIII and XXX winning Dallas Cowboys team.

Who played defensive back for the New York Giants before he coached the Cowboys?

The New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys are two of the most historic teams in the NFL. The teams also have a link. Tom Landry played for the New York Giants before he became the legendary head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

What years did Mike Woicik win a Super Bowl ring?

1992 Dallas Cowboys 1993 Dallas Cowboys 1995 Dallas Cowboys 2001 New England Patriots 2003 New England Patriots 2004 New England Patriots He served as the strength coach for both of these teams

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