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Q: Who was the Boston bruins goalie that broke his ankle falling off a curb?
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How do you fall and break your ankle?

By falling and breaking your ankle. It's pretty simple.

Is it that easy to sprain an ankle?

Well, define easy! Falling is easy, right? And that's a pretty quick way to get a sprained or broken ankle!

How in basketball can you sprain your ankle?

There are many ways to sprain your ankle in basketball. Perhaps the most common is to land wrong after jumping for a block or shot. Falling from a foul may also cause a sprained ankle.

Did justin bieber brake a body part?

yes he broke his foot or ankle by falling of the stage

What do to with string under itech goalie pads?

if you're talking about the 2ft long laces, they go around either the back of the ankle or heel and wrap to around the front of the pad and tie it.

Where did Tori Hunter break his ankle in 2005 making him miss half the season?

Torii Hunter broke his ankle trying to scale a wall at Fenway Park in Boston. Torii was on the Minnesota Twins.

Do a lot of soccer players have surgery?

Sadly yes a lot of footballers undergo knee and ankle surgery, but goalkeepers have shoulder surgery, when they injure it falling.

Why does your Achilles hurt when you point your toe Also it hurts when you squeeze on both sides of your foot about an inch below your ankle It feels awkward when running Do you know what this is?

you have falling arches

How do you sprain your ankle in school?

Quite easy, you could trip or fall funny whilst you are there. You might hurt yourself in PE, by falling over and twisting your ankle slightly or perhaps whilst your playing a certain sport, and you run or tackle someone and it goes wrong. Hope I've helped!!

How can you break your ankle?

The most common ways to break your ankle:Quite easily: There are at least 4 directions it can break from; you step carelessly or land bad etc. and either the outer or inner side of the foot can be broken outward... Or you might fall a flight of stairs and all, breaking it backward or forward, but usually it breaks to the side. Common causes of breaking an ankle include:tripping and falling (especially in sports), car accidents (crushing injuries), landing incorrectly after jumping from great heights, twisting your ankle and not resting it, overuse, strong impact of a heavy object.A fall or hit to your ankle can break one or more of the 3 main bones in your ankle joint :the fibulathe tibiathe talusSometimes the injury can be more intense and include some of the 2 dozen bones in your foot.If you want to purposely break your ankle- Don't. WikiAnswers does NOT give advice on how to harm your body. Click on the related Question below'What is the easiest way to break your ankle on purpose?' for more information.

How can you tell the difference between a sprained and twisted ankle?

There is no difference. A sprained ankle can also be known as an ankle sprain, twisted ankle, rolled ankle, ankle ligament injury, or ankle injury. It's when one or more ligaments are torn or partially torn where they are connected to your ankle bone.

When you play basketball do ankle supports weaken the ankle?

no. in fact, the ankle supports the ankle during a basketball game.