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The Celtics second head coach was Alvin Julian, who coached the team in the 1948-49 and 1949-50 seasons. He was replaced for the 1950-51 season by Red Auerbach.

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Q: Who was the Boston Celtics' second coach?
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Who was the Boston Celtics five head coach?

Tom Heinsohn was the 5th Celtics coach.

Which Boston Celtics coach had the most regular season wins?

Red Auerbach had the most regular season wins of any Boston Celtics coach with at 795.

Who was the cigar somking coach of the Boston celtics during the Celtics dynasty?

Red Auerbach

What is the name of the current Boston celtics coach?

Doc Rivers

Who is currently the head coach for the Boston Celtics?

Glenn "Doc" Rivers

What team did John Thompson coach and what year did he win?

the Boston celtics

Who was the first Boston celtics coach?

John "Honey" Russell (1902 -1973). He coached the Celtics from 1946 to 1948.

When did ric pitino coach the Boston Celtics?

Pitino was the head coach of the Celtics for four seasons, 1997-98 through 2000-01. His record was 102-146.

Who was the Boston Celtics' first head coach?

John "Honey" Russell (1902 -1973). He coached the Celtics from 1946 to 1948.

Who was the first all black coach?

Bill Russell, player/coach for the Boston Celtics, in the 1967-68 season.

Who is the Boston celtics most famous coach?

Boston had a coach in the 50s and 60s whose name was Red Auerbach. Under him, Boston won more than 10 titles.

What team has won the most NBA championships?

Boston Celtics