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Willie Randolph - 2B

Bobby Murcer - CF

Thurman Munson - 1B

Reggie Jackson - RF

Lou Piniella - LF

Graig Nettles - 3B

Roy White - DH

Jerry Narron - C

Fred Stanley - SS

Don Hood - p

This game was the final game of Thurman Munson's career. He lost his life in an airplane accident the following day.

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Click on the 'Yankees Numbers' link on this page to find out any player's number during New York Yankee history.

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Click on the '1978 New York Yankees' link below to see the roster along with statistics for the 1978 season.

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Graig Nettles.

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Q: Who was the 3rd baseman for the New york Yankees in 1978?
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