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Throughout their existence, Nike has paid outstanding athletes to promote their products. The first of such sponsorships was Romanian tennis player Ilie Nastase. Additionally, soccer players Wesley Sneijder and Wayne Rooney have also advertised for Nike.

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Q: Who was the 3 athletes who help or have helped advertise for nike?
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Who are some of today's top athletes that help to advertise Nike?

Rakeem Jackson

Who are two of todays top athletes that help to advertise Nike?

Some of today's top athletes who help to advertise Nike include Tiger Woods and LeBron James. Other top athletes include Michael Jordan and Pete Sampras.

Who are somes of today top athletes that help to advertise nike?

Lebron James n Kobe Byrant

Whoare some of todays top athletes that help advertise Nike?

your mum,your dad and your sister they are nikey pikeys

What top athletes help advertise nike?

Fabresgas, Lebron James, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and many more....

How does Nike's website help the company?

it helps them to advertise their products, and give more information on the products they sell/advertise.

What are the business aims of Nike?

The business aims of Nike are to develop products to help athletes at whatever level of ability they have at the time. Nike has stated they would like to challenge and support athletes.

Who are some of today's top athlete's that help advertise Nike?

Mikel Jordain

What does Nike use to advertise?

A swoosh

What percent of athletes were Nikes?

What percent of athletes were nike

Who are some of today's top athlete's that help to advertise NIKE?

Fernando Torres has done it in the past, if you class him as an athlete, if not then I'm sorry I can't help

How can you advertise Nike Shoes for a school Project?

You can advertise a Nike shoe by creating a multimedia presentation, or by creating a free website that talks about your product, in this case the Nike shoes and offer business cards to your audience. That is the best I do to help you! Hope it helps! _ Emmm.Emma.Zeee.Ghee! <3 *' * Don't trust the 'Net to give you ma namme!*

What are the market segmentation of Nike?

Nike's typical target market is athletes, but specifically male athletes generally between the ages of 15 - 35.

When did Jordan break away from Nike?

Michael Jordan never broke away from Nike. He signed a life-time deal with them. "Jordan Brand" is property of Nike and so are all of his shoes. So all the Jordan Brand athletes you see are pretty much Nike athletes. That is why Nike athletes can were Jordans in game because, Jordan Brand is under Nike.

How do you become a Nike ambassador?

nike selects really interested and committed athletes to represent them.

Which athletes endorse Nike running shoes?

Since the 1960s, athletes have endorsed Nike shoes. The first American athlete to endorse Nike was Steve Prefontaine in 1973. Since then, many other athletes have endoresed Nike, including John McEnroe, Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, Tiger Woods, and the entire Indian Cricket Team. Needless to say, many athletes stand by Nike's quality.

Does Anyone Famous Advertise Nike?

Yes, sport athletics

What did Michael Jordan advertise?


Who are some of the top athletes endorsed by nike?


How many professional athletes does nike sponsor?


Does Nike Pay top Athletes?

yes in endorsements

Why does Nike spend so much on advertising?

its so that nike becomes more famous and because the fans of the sponsors will think that nike is good company and that the athletes will choose a good kit so this way people will be motivated to buy nike products and nike profits and so does the athletes that use nike's products.

Who endorse Nike?

Athletes from all sport endorse Mikes :)

What would you consider to be Nike's 'superb marketing skills'?

Nike's obvious ability to get top athletes of the generation to be their spokesperson is a great marketing skill. Take for example when Michael Jordan was for Nike. People loved MJ and wanted to be just like him. Kids wanted everything Nike because Jordan wore everything Nike. Also, by having big named athletes endorse Nike, the athletes are able to make their own shoes, clothing line, etc. making more money for Nike.

Who are the famous athletes that support Nike?

id say Micheal Jordan