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Q: Who was the 350th man to play for Australian cricket?
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What sport do the Sattel Mariners play?

they play Cricket C'mon man

Who is the Only Australian to play for Man Utd?

Mark Bosnich

Who is the only man to play in cricket and football world cup finals?

Sir Vivian Richards

What is Chris Rogers famous for?

Chris Rogers is an Australian man. He is famous for being an Australian Cricket Player. His full name is Christopher John Llewellyn Rogers and was born on 31.August 1977 in St. George.

Which sport has the player positions silly mid-on 'slips' and 'third man?

Silly mid on, slips and third man are fielding positions in the sport of cricket.

What sport does X-Man Cyclops play?

he has played many sports, and he has played cricket, soccer, and a few others.

What is the difference between man cricket and woman cricket?

== ==

What do you call an Australian man?

You would call him a man. The Australian slang for a man is "bloke".

When was The Green Man - cricket ground - created?

The Green Man - cricket ground - was created in 1793.

What is the extra man in cricket called?

The substitute fielder in cricket is known as the twelfth man. This player can only field if one of ther regular players goes off the field of play, and they are not allowed to bat or bowl, but they are allowed to take catches, which go down as 'ct Sub' in the scorebook.

What position does Muhammad Asif play on the Pakistan cricket team?

He plays second-last in the batting order, Sohail Tanvir or Umar Gul usually play after him he was the last man in batting

Who won the Man of the Match award in the 1979 Cricket World Cup final?

Viv Richards (West Indies) won the man of the match award in the 1979 Cricket World Cup Final.