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The US men's team head coach in 2004 was Larry Brown. The US women's team head coach was Val Chancellor.

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Q: Who was the 2004 olympic basketball team coach?
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Did Dot Richardson coach the 2004 Olympic softball team?

No, the coach of the U.S. 2004 Olympic softball team was Mike Candrea.

When was the US men's basketball team lost to Olympic games?


Has the American Olympic basketball team ever not gotten an olympic medal?

Yes and no. While the U.S. Men's basketball team has never failed to medal, in 2004, they only won a bronze.

Who was named to the 2004 olympic basketball team the day after being drafted?

Emeka Okafor

Who was named tHE 2004 olympic basketball team the day after being drafted?

Emeka okafor

What place did USA get at 2004 Olympics for basketball?

The men's team won the bronze medal and the women's team won the gold medal in basketball at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games.

Who was named 2004 olympic basketball team the day after being drafted?

Emeka Okafor? He was a rookie when he made the team.

Who is the US olympic swim team coach?

Eddie Reese was named the men's Olympic swim team coach. He was also head coach of the men's 1992 and 2004 Olympic swim teams. Jack Bauerle was named women's head coach. This will be his first Olympics as a head coach. Click on the '2008 Olympic Swimming Coaches' link on this page to read a short bio of the two coaches.

Who compose a basketball team?


Who was coach of Kentucky wildcats in 2005?

The coach of the Men's basketball team was Orlando "Tubby" Smith. The coach of the Women's basketball team was Mickie DeMoss The coach of the football team was Rich Brooks.

What country won the women's basketball gold medal at the 2004 summer Olympic games?

USA team won the women's basketball gold medal in 2004 Olympics.

Do you need a certificate to coach basketball?

you do not need to have a certificate to be a basketball coach for a parks and recreational team.

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