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William Taft started the tradition of presidents throwing a ceremonial first pitch. He did it on opening day (April 14) of 1910, throwing the first pitch to Walter Johnson. One of his predecessors, William McKinley, had thrown a ceremonial first pitch when he was Governor of Ohio, but not when he was president.

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William Taft

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Q: Who was the 1st president to throw out a pitch at the start of the baseball season?
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Who was the president who started the tradition of throwing the first baseball to start the major league baseball season?

President William Howard Taft threw out the first ball of the season starting the tradition.

What baseball tradition did President Taft start?

On April 14, 1910, President William Howard Taft began the tradition of the President throwing the first pitch at the baseball season opener. Legend has it that President Taft was also responsible for baseball's seventh inning stretch. While attending a baseball game, President Taft rose to stretch between halves of the seventh inning. The crowd (ever polite, as baseball fans are) rose in unison out of respect for the President. The tradition continues to this day.

What president was known to start the tradition of the Presidential first pitch?

Baseball history reports that President William Howard Taft was the first president to throw out the ceremonial "first pitch" in the Major Leagues. He did so to open the 1910 season in Washington when the Senators hosted the Philadelphia Athletics to start the season. By the way, Walter Johnson shut out the A's 1-0 with a one-hitter on opening day, however, the A's recovered and went on to win the American League and beat the Chicago Cubs in the World Series.

How did baseball become the American pastime?

To start the 1910 season, President William Howard Taft through out the ceremonial "first pitch" to open the season for the Washington Senators game with the Philadelphia Athletics. Vice-president James Sherman and other national political leaders were also in attendance at the game. Many historian recognize this unpredented event as marking baseball as the "official" national pastime.

Who was the first President to through out a ball at baseball game?

On 04-14-1910 President William H. Taft threw out the first pitch on Opening Day To start the 1910 season. Walter Johnson caught the ball. The home team Washington Senators were playing the Philadelphia Athletics.

Who was the first US president to throw out the first pitch on opening day?

It was President William Howard Taft who threw out the ceremonial first pitch for the Washington Senators home opener against the Philadelphia Athletics to start the 1910 American League season.

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Who was the first us president to start the tradition of throwing out the first pitch on opening day?


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