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It is not know when and where the first football match took place. The players are unknown so the first person to score a goal is also unknown.

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Q: Who was the 1st footballer to ever score a goal?
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1st goal keeper to score a goal in the premiership?

It was Peter Schmichel.

Has there ever been an NFL or college football game where the final score was 0 0?

No there has not at the end of regulation the game will go into overtime until one team scores a touchdown or field goal. the overtime rules are -15mins -touchdown on 1st possession the team that scored the touchdown wins -field goal on 1st possession the opposing team has a chance to score a field goal if the opposing team scores a touchdown they win -field goal on 2nd possession the team that scored the field goal wins

Which great Liverpool footballer has birthday on 1st march?

Andy Carrloll

How many goals did Arthur Friedrich score in soccer?

1372 goal scored .. he's the 1st man that discovered the ball can be curve( even with the heavy rubber ball and wit the big boot )

When were Chelsea last defeated?

They were last defeated in 1st February 2009 by Liverpool Final score was 2-0 First and Second goal were scored by Fernado Torres 89min and 90(+4)

Who was the 1st team not to score a touchdown in a super bowl?

The Miami Dolphins, who managed only a field goal against the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl VI. The Cowboys won 24-3.

Who was the 1st scottish footballer transferred for one million pounds?

Duncan Fletcher

Who is the 1st GCC footballer to play in the English Premier League?

Hassan radhi

Which country scored the 1st goal in the 1st world cup finals?

The first goal scored in the 1930 world cup was scored by France.

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