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With the 230th overall pick in the 1998 NHL entry draft, the Nashville Predators selected Karlis Skrastins. They drafted the Latvian defenceman from TPS Turku in Finland.

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Q: Who was the 1998 NHL entry draft number 230 pick for Nashville Predators?
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Since the entry draft started in 1963 the Leafs have had only one number one overall pick Who did the Leafs select?

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What trades are leafs going to do in summer of 2011?

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What pick was Sergei Fedorov in the 1989 NHL Entry Draft?


Where was the 1990 NHL draft held?

The 1990 NHL Entry Draft was held in BC Place Stadium, Vancouver. Owen Nolan was the first overall selection in that draft.

Which player did we draft in position 204 in the 1996 draft?

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What year was the nhl entry draft held in Toronto Ontario?

2002 was the last

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