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Q: Who was teammates with Shaquille O'Neal on both the Lakers and Magic and also a teammate of Larry Bird with the Celtics?
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When did Shaquille O'Neal play for the Kings?

He didn't. He played for the Magic, Lakers, Heat, Cavaliers, Suns, and Celtics.

How many team did shaquille o'neal play for?

6 the celtics, cavaliers, lakers, heat, magics, and suns

Is Shaquille O'Neal going to the lakers?

he might go to the lakers and all of the teams are gonna lose except the celtics if you dont care forget you ugly

Who has won the most championships the Lakers or the Celtics?

The Celtics have 17 The Lakers have 15.

Who won Celtics or lakers?


How many teams did Shaquille O'Neal play for?

He was drafted by the Orlando Magic. His teams are as follows: 1. Orlando Magic 2. Los Angeles Lakers 3. Miami Heat 4. Phoenix Suns 5. Cleveland Cavaliers 6. Boston Celtics

Does Matt Damon like the Celtics or the lakers?


Did the Lakers or Celtics win the NBA Finals?


Can the lakers beat the Celtics?

Yes, the Lakers could!!

Are the Celtics better than the lakers?

Heck no. Celtics are good but the Lakers would stomp them so bad.

Who will win the 09 10 series lakers or Celtics?

Lakers won both games against the celtics

Are the Celtics older than the lakers?

In terms of organizational age, the Celtics and the Lakers both were formed in 1946.