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you mean Muhammad Ali he was a famous boxer

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Q: Who was syed Ali Muhammad taqvi?
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How tall is Syed Muhammad Ali?

Syed Muhammad Ali is 5' 10".

When was Syed Ali Muhammad Rizvi - Sachay Bhai - born?

Syed Ali Muhammad Rizvi - Sachay Bhai - was born in 1940.

When did Syed Ali Muhammad Rizvi - Sachay Bhai - die?

Syed Ali Muhammad Rizvi - Sachay Bhai - died on 2000-04-18.

Who are the important people in South Asia?

Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Sir. Syed Ahmed Khan, Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Liaquat Ali Khan

When was Syed Muhammad Saleem born?

Syed Muhammad Saleem was born in 1922.

When did Syed Ali Hasan die?

Syed Ali Hasan died in 1962.

When was Syed Ali Ahsan born?

Syed Ali Ahsan was born in 1922.

When did Syed Ali Ahsan die?

Syed Ali Ahsan died in 2002.

When was Syed Ali Akbar born?

Syed Ali Akbar was born in 1890.

When did Syed Ali Akbar die?

Syed Ali Akbar died in 1984.

When was Syed Nausher Ali born?

Syed Nausher Ali was born in 1891.

When did Syed Nausher Ali die?

Syed Nausher Ali died in 1972.

When was Syed Emdad Ali born?

Syed Emdad Ali was born in 1880.

When did Syed Emdad Ali die?

Syed Emdad Ali died in 1956.

When was Syed Afzal Ali born?

Syed Afzal Ali was born in 1834.

When was Syed Abid Ali born?

Syed Abid Ali was born in 1941.

When did Syed Ameer Ali die?

Syed Ameer Ali died in 1928.

When was Syed Ameer Ali born?

Syed Ameer Ali was born in 1849.

Syed mohsin Ali shah son of syed bahadur Ali shah?

syed umeed ali shah son of syed sher shah khurasani he was came form bukkara 1695 or 1735 in karachi

When did Syed Muhammad Saleem die?

Syed Muhammad Saleem died on 2000-10-27.

When did Syed Muhammad Zauqi Shah die?

Syed Muhammad Zauqi Shah died in 1951.

When was Syed Muhammad Zauqi Shah born?

Syed Muhammad Zauqi Shah was born in 1878.

When did Syed Muhammad Hussain Shah die?

Syed Muhammad Hussain Shah died in 1933.

When was Syed Modasser Ali born?

Syed Modasser Ali was born on 1946-02-01.

When did Syed Najaf Ali Shah die?

Syed Najaf Ali Shah died in 1980.