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O.J. Simpson and Wayne Patrick were the starting backfield for the Bills in 1970 along with Dennis Shaw at quarterback.

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Q: Who was starting backfield for 1970 Buffalo Bills NFL football team?
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The starting backfield for the 1969 Buffalo Bills?

The starting backfield for the 1969 Buffalo Bills: Quarterback - Jack Kemp Half Back/Running Back - OJ Simpson Full Back - Wayne Patrick

What was the starting backfield for the 1969 Buffalo Bills?

That was O.J. Simpson and Wayne Patrick with Bill Enyart as the third back. Jack Kemp was the quarterback.

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Who did billy shaw play football for?

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Who were the CB's for Buffalo Bills in 1968?

The starting cornerbacks for the 1968 Buffalo Bills were Butch Byrd and Booker Edgerson.

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