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The game of football as we know it today was orignally found by the English (England). In the 18th century.

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Q: Who was soccer first founded by?
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What is the first soccer club in history of soccer?

Sheffield FC founded in 1857

When was the first football soccer association founded England?


What were the first teams in soccer?

Notts County, from the city of Nottingham in England are the first team founded to still be in an actual league, they were founded in 1863.

Soccer's governing body was founded in what year?

fifa soccer was founded in 1904

Soccer first shoe?

adi dassler from Adidas , whch was founded in Germany

In what year was Major League Soccer the US's professional soccer league founded?

It was founded in 1993.

When was soccer founded in?

1863 the English found soccer

Who is the founder of soccer?

There doesn't appear to be a solid answer to this question. Soccer was first played in England, but no one is sure exactly which person or group founded it.

When was soccer founded?

1878 was the first match,played at exetor, evon by two cricket clubs.

When was dartmouth united soccer club founded?

Dartmouth United was founded in 1999.

When did soccer start in the US?

The first league was started up in New England in the 1890s, but disbanded around 1900. The NASL was founded in the 1970s, and disbanded in the early 1980s. Those were the first "soccer" leagues in the US.

Who found the sport Soccer?

soccer was founded in England in the 19th century. it started in 1888

When was the soccer team America founded?


Who founded Brazil soccer?

JOe Coillms

Who founded the sport soccer?

Richard Lindon in 1848

When was soccer's main governing body FIFA founded?


When was major league soccer founded?

December 13, 1993

When was realmadrid soccer team founded?

March 6th, 1902

What is the oldest Soccer club in Mexico?

Pachuca: Founded 1901 Orizaba , Albinegros: Founded 1898

What year was MLS Canada founded?

The MLS or Major League Soccer currently has 19 teams in its league. Three of those teams are Canadian. Toronto was the first to join in 2006 making that the year the MLS was founded.

Where was soccer first seen?

soccer was first seen in italy.

How many teams does the first division of soccer in the US have?

The first division in United States soccer was also known as the USL First Division. It is no longer a valid division, and therefore, there are no teams which belong to the first division any longer. The USL First Division was founded in 2005, but ended in 2010. There were about 16 teams which were part of the USL First Division. When the USL folded, however, a new league was created called the North American Soccer League.

What is the oldest soccer club in Greece?

Almost no one actually knows the right answer, but Messiniakos is the oldest Greek club and it was founded in 1888

When Germany first play the soccer?

The Dresden English Football Club was the first recognised Football Club in Germany, it was established in 1874. The national Football Association (DFB) was founded in 1900.

What was the first soccer stadium?

the first soccer stadium was wembley in London

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