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Q: Who was ringo Starr favourite Soccer club?
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What colour uniform did Ringo wear on the Sgt Pepper's album cover?

Ringo Starr's uniform was pink on the cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Which of the Beatles first appeared with them at the Cavern Club on August 18 1962?

Ringo Starr debuted with the Beatles, shortly before they recorded their first single, "Love Me Do".

Who sings beginning of sgt peppers lonely hearts club?

The lead singer on the album's title song was Paul McCartney. ("Billy Shears" was of course Ringo Starr.)

How Paul met Ringo?

Ringo Starr was originally in a band called rory storm and the hurricanes. at the time, they were in hamburg at about the same time as the beatles second trip to hamburg. the beatles drummer was a man called pete best. they were working in the same club, alternating shifts. that's how Ringo met john, george and paul.

Where did the beatles come a band?

The met in Liverpool and performed in the Cavern Club but with different members: Stu Sutcliffe, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, & Pete Best. Later, they performed in Germany, where they met Ringo Starr. Upon returning to Liverpool, they kicked Pete Best out of the band and brought in Ringo Starr. Stu Sutcliffe stayed behind in Germany and died there when he was still very young. So, as the Beatles, as most people know them - John, Paul, George, and Ringo, they were formed in Liverpool.

When did Pete Best join The Beatles?

In August 1960, just before they left for their first Hamburg visit.

What is a janagan?

is a boy boy that lives in the woods and thinks he is a soccer god also his favourite soccer club is very ass. at night you can see him stealing your curry but really hes stealing the hearts of his fans

What is a 1963 Beatles Fan Club autograph of Ringo Starr worth?

You really need to ask a collector on that one. My guess is thousands of dollars. Go to There you may be able to find out, but I bet it is worth quite a bit if genuine.

Who were Ringo Starr past wives?

Ringo Starr married to Maureen Cox in 1965 Ringo Starr married to Barbara Bach in 1981

When was Thunderbird Soccer Club created?

Thunderbird Soccer Club was created in 1968.

When was Virtus Soccer Club created?

Virtus Soccer Club was created in 1951.

When was Soccer Club Riverball created?

Soccer Club Riverball was created in 2006.