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Marcus Nash

Joey Kent

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Q: Who was receivers at the university of Tennessee when Peyton Manning was quarterback?
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Who was the quarterback on the 1998 university of Tennessee football team?

Peyton manning

Did Peyton Manning ever beat the Florida Gators when he was at the University of Tennessee?

No. The University of Tennessee never beat The University of Florida while Peyton Manning was Quarterback. However his younger brother Eli and Ole Miss did.

What college did Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning attended the University of Tennessee.

What did Eli Manning major in college?

you are a stupid dum idiot if you dont know the answer

Peyton Manning gratuated from university of..?


How did colts get Peyton Manning?

The Colts selected the University of Tennessee quarterback with the first pick of the 1998 NFL draft.

How did Peyton Manning and her wife meet?

At Tennessee university

What collage did Peyton Manning go to?

The University of Tennessee.

Were did Peyton Manning go to college at?

University of Tennessee

How did Peyton and Ashley Manning meet?

at Tennessee university

What is the name of Peyton Manning's college?

University of Tennessee

What college did Peyton Manning play for?

Payton Manning played collegiate football at the University of Tennessee.