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Derek Jeter

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Q: Who was paid 19600000 by the New York Yankees in 2005?
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Is the New York Yankees the highest paid team?


Which baseball team gets paid the most?

The New York Yankees

Best paid MLB player in 2oo8?

Alex Rodriguez. New York Yankees.

How much do the yankess pay for mark teixeira?

The New York Yankees paid Mark Teixeira 20,625,000 in 2010.

How much money did Mark Teixeira make in 2010?

Mark Teixeira was paid $20,625,000 in 2010 by the New York Yankees.

How much was Alex Rodriguez paid in 2008 for playing baseball?

Alex Rodriguez was paid $28 mil to play third base for the New York Yankees in the 2008 season

Who is the most overpaid player on the New York Yankees?

A better question would be who isn't the most overpaid on the New York Yankees, but the correct answer is Alex Rodriguez. Derek Jeter would have to be the second most paid because he is being offered a lot of commercial stuff. But A-Rod definitely gets paid a lot more than Jeter.

When did Catfish Hunter sign with the New York Yankees?

Catfish Hunter signed with the Yankees in 1975. At the time, Catfish became the highest paid pitcher in baseball.

What sports athelete has the highest paid contract?

Alex Rodriquez re-signed with the New York Yankees 10 years $275 million dollar contract.

What was Reggie Jackson's salary in 1977?

In 1977 Reggie Jackson was in the first year of a five year contract with the New York Yankees that paid him an annual salary of $580,000.00

What is the highest paid sports team in the world?

The Yankees

What was baseball legend Mickey Mantle paid for his rookie year with the New York Yankees?

In 1951, New York Yankee rookie player Mickey Mantle was paid $7500. The salary would have been only $5,000, however, Yankee manager Casey Stengel, asked the Yankee owners to pay the $7500.