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Q: Who was only indian player never to have played a single match during Indias victorious 1983 world campaign?
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Name of Indias money?

Indian currency is rupee.

How high is indias range?

mount everest and indian ocean

What are Indias borders?

Indian ocean bay of Bengal Himalayas counries

Which Indian state is also known as indias spice garden?


When did Indian campaign of Alexander the Great happen?

Indian campaign of Alexander the Great happened in -325.

Is it true that indias first empire founded by the Indian prince chandragupta maurya was located in the indus river valley?

false because indias first empire was founded by the Indian prince chandragupta maurya was located in the ganges river valley

Who was victorious in the French and Indian War?

The British won the French and Indian War.

How to write in 8 different Indian languages that Hindi is indias national language?


Which Indian tribe were victorious at the battle of little big horn?

Sioux Indian Tribe

The Native Americans allied with whom during the French and Indian War?

The Huron Indians allied themselves with the French. The Iroquois Indians helped the British army and colonist during the French and Indian War that took place from 1754 to 1763. The British were victorious in this war.

What is the definition of Indian wild life?

If you mean what is Indias wildlife then they are monkeys,tigers,elephants and eagle.

What is the percentage of Muslim population in Indian population?

Muslims are 13.4% of the Indias population.

What is Indias religion?

India's main religion was Hinduism but later Buddhism came and was also a Indian religion.

How do you say Indian girls are very smart in Spanish?

Las muchachas indias (hindúes) son muy inteligentes.

Which campaign did Gandhi start in 1942?

in indian

In which year 26Th January was celebrated as Indias Independence day?

In 1930, January 26th was celebrated as Indian Independence Day.

Which Indian player first won the boys under 10 world title in chess and later become indias youngester grandmaster?


Will Indian rupee raise against dirham in future?

no not at all. because oil crisis and scandals in india. indias economy is going down.

Who did William Henry Harrison defeat in his campaign?

the british and their Indian allies.

What bay do all of indias rivers flow?

The bay that all of India's rivers flow into is the Bay of Bengal. Indian rivers are regarded sacred and have spiritual importance.

Who was a famous French and Indian War general?

James Wolf, who was victorious at the Battle if the Plains of Abraham outside of Quebec

Are indias Beyblade fake?

No they are not at all fake they are original. The ones found in Japan are also original but they are more costly than the indian beyblades because they are a little hi-tech than the indian beyblades. Thank you.

Why did Indian culture flourish during the Gupta Empire?

The Indian culture flourished during the Gupta Empire through Indian trade.

What sea borders Indias coast?

Indian Ocean to the southArabian sea to the westthe bay of Bengal to the east

What event resulted in Indian citizens boycotting British goods?

Non-Cooperation Campaign