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Q: Who was on the us 1980 Olympic water polo team?
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What team game played in the water with a ball in the Olympic games?

Water polo

Who is the all-time Olympic water polo champion?

The national water polo team with the most gold medals at the Olympics to date is Hungary with 8.

What was one of the first team sports to be introduced athe 1900 Olympic games?

water polo

Is water polo included in the olympic games or has it ever been in the Olympics?

Water polo has been contested in the Summer Olympic Games since the 1900 Games in Paris. Water polo was among the first team sports to ever be played in the Olympics, along with cricket, polo, rugby union, and tug of war.

What are the various water sports YOG?

water polo, 100 meter swim, 400 meter team swim. these are also olympic events.

Who is Gemma Beadsworth?

Gemma Jane Beadsworth (born 17 July 1987) is an Australian water polo player and professional player for the Fremantle Marlins. She was on the Australian Olympic team that won a bronze medal in both 2008 and 2012, and was on the winning 2006 World Cup team. She played on the Aussie Stingers water polo team in the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships in 2012. Her brother Jamie was also on the Australian men's water polo Olympic teams.

Was Andy Albershardt on the Olympic road bicycling team in 1980?

no, there was no olympic team in 1980 because president carter ordered a us boycott.

Do the same people play water polo in the Olympics?

Each year the USA National team is chosen based on a selection process approved by the US Olympic Committee and USA Water Polo Inc. So the answer to your question is no, each year the team changes

What was the Size of the 1980 us summer Olympic team?

The 1980 US Summer Olympic team consisted of 479 athletes.

When was Galatasaray Men's Water Polo Team created?

Galatasaray Men's Water Polo Team was created in 1910.

The water polo team is in a pool They are not getting wet What kind of pool are they in?

The water polo team is in a car pool.

What is Australia's men's water polo team called?

The nickname for the Australian mens water polo team is the Aussie Stingers